Healers by the Bay

As part of my new Healers By the Bay series I will be interviewing some exceptional friends and mentors in the fields of healing.

Edith Erdmann. Bowen Therapist, Kahuna massage therapist, Hypnotherapist.

What is Bowen Therapy?

It’s a bodywork technique that involves the release of muscle, joint and soft tissue tension and the re-alignment of the soft tissue of the body.

How is it done?

Via a rolling and stretching technique on the skin or through clothing.

What’s the position the client has to take?

Lying face-down on the table and then face-up to complete the movement on the front of the body.

How long does it take?

Treatments normally take about an hour in length.

What sort of conditions can you treat?

A variety e.g. back and neck pain, frozen shoulders, sporting injuries, scoliosis etc.

How is it different from chiropractic or physio?

It’s a whole body technique, and it involves the addressing of pain as well as the soft tissue re-alignment of the body – so that you have basically two treatments in one, which greatly enhances the effectiveness of the treatment to last longer.

Can you give your most satisfying example of a treatment?

Assisting someone to be free of their ankle pain and to be able to walk freely again. It took 2-3 sessions. They had an ankle replacement previously with other types of massage.

What is the required training for Bowen therapy?

Trained by a registered training organisation approved by the Bowen Federation of Australia in Bowen Technique and Theory, with additional training in Physiology and Anatomy over 2 years. At the end of the Diploma and after 500 clinical hours of practise you are eligible for provider number status.

How did you get into Bowen Therapy?

I was a massage therapist and had a number of clients with serious, chronic injuries and felt that I needed a treatment that would be more effective than massage in helping to relieve clients of their pain.

Normal cost of a session:

$70-$80 per hour.

For more information, contact:

Edith Erdmann at edithe@netspace.net.au  mobile 0439 564 828

Bowen Federation: http://www.btfa.com

It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum!

40 degrees here in sunny Melbourne and I’m playing around with the blog for my website.

I wish I was back in glorious Southall, West London..Not.  (See photo- no I’m sorry, can’t upload it, brain meltdown at visual image.)

I was talking to some teachers here last week, about London traffic, they didn’t believe me when I said it took 2 hours to get from Southall to Acton – a small matter of one and  1/2 miles, because I was stuck behind an elephant.

Still, there was a dead, deadly poisonous puffer fish on the beach this morning, with its eyes all silvery staring, and I heard my nephews stop breathing for a few moments on the phone last night when I told them about that and the  gummy shark in the bay.

Well, Aunties have to be useful for something, and if it isn’t giving your nephews some horrible stories to tell their classmates, what else is there for us to do?